We are now in the times where it is no wonder that buildings are protected from rain and water, and roads, which form the social infrastructure, can be used without any problem. Since the foundation in 1953, Shoseki Kako Co.,Ltd. has been involved in the manufacturing and marketing of architectural and civil engineering waterproofing materials and asphalt mixture materials for road pavements as a direct-line group company of Showa Shell Sekiyu K.K. In the business area of waterproofing materials, we have earned trust as Shoseki Kako of Modified Asphalt or “TOUGHNESS” . In the area of asphalt mixture materials for road pavements and in addition to being involved in manufacturing and marketing of such materials, we process concrete waste materials that are generated at the time of replacing buildings and are becoming a social problem into recycled roadbed materials and size-controlled roadbed materials in the urban-type recycling plant, thereby contributing significantly to reduction in the environmental burden.

Under the circumstances where environmental issues are more intensely gaining prominent at tention, we started to handle solar panels manufactured by Solar Frontier K.K. in 2009, and we have achieved substantial practical experience in our efforts regarding the photovoltaic power generation business. In the age to come, prevention of global warming, energy saving, and the maintenance and improvement of social overhead capital will be strongly demanded. With the belief that responding to customer expectation while responding to a changing society is the mission of the company, we are determined to make further efforts day by day. I would like to take this opportunity to express our gratitude to all of our customers for their further support and patronage.

Shoji TAKADA President Shoseki Kako Co.,Ltd.